The i7500 Galaxy is Samsung’s first stab at incorporating Google’s popular Android OS. But does the mixing of two good products lead to a better result? Answer this question as we review the phone and make note of its tech specs, features and price.

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Samsung i7500 Galaxy

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The i7500 Galaxy is Samsung’s first stab at incorporating Google’s popular Android OS. But does the mixing of two good products lead to a better result? Answer this question as we review the phone and make note of its tech specs, features and price.

Design and Looks
The i7500 Galaxy features conservative touchscreen styling; the phone is entirely black save for some shiny metallic accents around the hardware keys. The phone is also amply sized which does have its advantages. Not least of which is the space to accommodate a super large 3.2” HVGA capacitive OLED touchscreen. Even though the pixels are high, the screen's even bigger size leads to reduced pixel density. Nevertheless, the large screen estate translates to easy touch operation which by the way is made even easier thanks to the responsive touchscreen. The screen is also great and shows nice colour representation, good contrast, wide viewing angles and great brightness levels. But like any AMOLED screen, sunlight legibility on the Galaxy's screen is poor. The hardware keys also benefit from the large design and are easily thumbable special thanks to great tactility and touch-orientation.

As mentioned above, Samsung mounts for the first time Google's Android OS which is already doing the rounds in some of the industry's leading smartphones (Read: HTC). The Android has three homescreens and at any given time, viewers can see only one. The other two hidden screens can be accessed by a sweep to the left or right of the screen. The homescreen houses three types of icons- shortcuts, folders and widgets. Widgets are icons for any type of application from a local one on your phone to an online one that needs the web to run. An interesting type of folder that's available on this phone is Live folders. There are two preinstalled on the phone that include Contacts with Phone Numbers and Starred Contacts. These folders automatically update themselves and hence the name 'Live'.

An interesting application on the phone is the task switcher which lets you access all recently used applications. Now would be a good time to mention when the phone begins to run out of resources (by being overloaded with too many apps), Android automatically closes down inactive applications by putting them in a state of hibernation. However, when you invoke applications closed this way, they resume the way they were so you don't really lose any bearing of your work.

Android also features a gesture lock mechanism, but unlike such mechanisms on other non-Android based Samsung phones, the gesture lock is based on patterns and not letters. It requires that you program a specific pattern to draw on the screen every time you wish to lock and unlock your phone. Users can also enable haptic feedback for better orientation.

Coming to the phone's telephony, the phone sports excellent reception and voice quality with little possibility of dropped calls. A drawback of the phone that does not directly reflect on the phone's telephony but affects it nonetheless is the low sound strength of the earpiece, even when the phone's volume is at its loudest. This can be distressing if you happen to make calls in noisy environments and should serve as a good reason to forgo this phone altogether. Another downer is the lack of smart-dial which is a common feature on any smartphone today.

Quite understandably, the phone has excellent Gmail, Gtalk, Google Maps and YouTube integration which Samsung presumes will play on the weaknesses of habitual net users and hence make up for the faults of the phone. Thankfully Google fans have other better Android based alternatives in HTC phones.

Not surprisingly, the phone's music player is sparse and has little to show for its users; there are no equalizer presets or alternate visualizations. Fortunately, the phone has the best audio quality among other Android phones. The sound output is balanced, the dynamic range is good and the noise levels are low. The phone also exhibits a decent frequency response all across the range. The video player is nothing incredible and does not support DivX or XviD video formats. There is no radio player built-in which is surprising since any phone worth it's salt has one.

The camera is provided by a 5MP unit that features LED flash and autofocus. The camera interface is very disappointing though and offers users with only a handful of options including switching geotagging on or off, adjusting the video quality, switching the flash on or off and managing autostorage preferences. There isn't even an option to change the resolution of the photos. But a camera's worth is ultimately determined by its performance and judging from test shots, the camera is good as the pictures have low noise-levels and good resolved detail. Sometimes, the noise suppression and picture sharpening algorithm goes on overkill and ruins portions of the image by erasing fine detail. But a new picture with different lighting and better focus can solve that. Videos are bad as they are recorded at CIF at 30 frames-per-second.

The phone has all the connectivity of a modern smartphone including 3G, GPS and Wi-Fi. Strangely, the Bluetooth onboard does not allow file transfers or wireless tethering. It only offers A2DP profile for pairing other Bluetooth headsets to the phone.

The phone's large screen and Wi-Fi connectivity is ideal for HTML browsing but regrettably the Acess NetFront browser incorporated in this phone is not what users would wish for. It does not have Multi-Touch or flash support but other browsing parameters are duly taken care of. The browser loads pages quickly and you can also open multiple pages at a time. Added extras include a small box that zooms in on an area of the text when you zoom out the screen. This little zoom lens can be moved around to read different portions of the page that would have otherwise been impossible to read in the bird's eye mode.

The biggest shock is yet to come. There is no pre-installed document viewer. Granted it would not be of much use on a non-business oriented phone but that's just it, the Galaxy is targeted at the executive audience. The only way around this is to purchase a third party office doc viewer from Android Market. Other organizing features are good and should offer some relief to users.

The Galaxy's GPS receiver and application start up quickly and there may be little use for A-GPS to kickstart things. Google Maps works well and there is also a street view available for select locations. The only disadvantage of Google Maps is that it does not offer turn by turn guidance but once again users can download a third party GPS application to assuage the problem.

Finally there is an option to customize Android with other applications which may solve many of the phone's shortcomings. Not least among which is the presence of only one type of virtual keypad, and thankfully that's QWERTY.

In a nutshell, the phone does offer some good features but they do not justify the price.

  • 3.2” Capacitive AMOLED touchscreen with HVGA resolution
  • 5MP autofocus camera with LED flash, geo-tagging, YouTube and Picasa integration
  • 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 8GB internal storage
  • GPS with A-GPS functionality
  • Standard 3.5mm audiojack
  • Android OS with customizations

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Samsung I7500 Galaxy Mobile Phone Samsung I7500 Galaxy Smart Phone
Samsung I7500 Galaxy Cell Phone Samsung I7500 Galaxy Touchscreen Phone

Samsung i7500 Galaxy Price India
Price:Rs. 25,000
Warranty (years): 1
Color Options:Black, White

Technical Specifications of Samsung i7500 Galaxy
Overview Body Type Bar
Battery Life/Talk time 9.3 Hours
Standby Talktime 450 Hours
Dimensions Width 56 mm
Depth 12 mm
Length 116 mm
Weight 117 g
Camera Camera Yes
Secondary Camera NO
Camera Resolution 5 MP
Camera Flash LED
Auto Focus Yes
Display Display Size 3.2 inches
Display Resolution 320 x 480 pixels
Dispaly Type AMOLED
Colours 16 million
Memory Internal Memory 8GB
Card Slot Yes
Complimentary Card No
Expandable Memory 16 GB
Multimedia Features FM Radio NO
MP3 Player Yes
Connectivity Options Wi-Fi Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Infrared NO
USB Connector Yes
Technology Cellular Network GSM
3G Yes
SIM Type Single SIM
Operating System Operating System Android
Features Input Type AMOLED Capacitive Touchscreen
Handsfree Speaker Yes
Flight Mode Yes
Inbulit Dictaphone Yes
Flashlight NO
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